General software:

  • OpenCV (open source computer vision library)
  • SimpleCV (computer vision plarform using Python)
  • Camellia (open source Image Processing & Computer Vision library)
  • VXL (the Vision-something-Libraries) is a collection of C++ libraries designed for computer vision research and implementation
  • Fiji Is Just ImageJ
  • Weka (Java data mining software)
  • Netlab (matlab toolbox for data analysis techniques, de Ian Nabney y Christopher Bishop)
  • PCL (es una plataforma para trabajar con nube de puntos)
  • Gandalf (is a computer vision and numerical algorithm library)
  • CloudCompare (3D point cloud and mesh processing software Open Source Project).
  • OCR  (Código de reconocimiento de caracteres).

Software 3D:


  • Compiled list of image datasets
  • Object recognition databases (lista de Kevin Murphy)
  • Various useful databases and image sources (lista de Alyosha Efros)
  • Oxford Visual Geometry Group (enlaces a datasets y software)
  • Skin segmentation datasets:
    • Compaq dataset is about 530 MB in size. You need to use linux to unpack the tar file. Afterwards there should be 3 directories and 3 image lists. There should also be a readme.txt explaining the dataset more elaborate.
    • ECU dataset published by Phung et. al 2005: "Skin Segmentation Using Color Pixel Classification: Analysis and Comparison" in PAMI is a better and bigger dataset. It provides high quality images and accurate ground thruth data (in contrast to poor image quality in Compaq with semi-supervised ground truth). You need to contact the authors to get access to this dataset.

Performance evaluation software:

  • ViPER: The Video Performance Evaluation Resource.
  • LabelMe, the open annotation tool.